745 Central Drive - Presque Isle, Maine

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Aroostook Homeless Shelter Kitchen AreaWe provide all food and meals for our Shelter residents while they’re with us and since 2011, we’ve provided over 140,000 meals from our little kitchen! Meal Train is an online calendar application which allows you to sign up to provide an evening meal at our Shelter for our residents on a day of your choice. The number of adults and children currently housed in our Shelter for the meal head count is provided, along with any current food allergies. If you would like to help us with this very important part of our service to our residents, please click the link below. Once you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email with the details, and we will too. You always have the option to cancel if need be.


Homeless Services of Aroostook Meal Train


PO Box 1753, 1 Midway Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone:(207) 762-6000

Sister Mary O'Donnell
Emergency Homeless Shelter
Aroostook Bridge

745 Central Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone:(207) 764-4125