Shelter Support Staff
Phone: 207-764-4125


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Tonya joined our team again after a short time away. She was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania where she started her work career with a diverse background of people, including the Amish and Mennonites. She and her family moved up here to “the County” in June of 2010 and she started work at the Shelter soon after. Tonya states, “I’m surprised at the growing number of homeless. When I started here in 2010, there were 6 people in the Shelter and now we are almost always at full capacity.”

Transitional Housing

PO Box 1753, 1 Midway Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone: (207) 762-6000 

Sister Mary O'Donnell
Emergency Homeless Shelter

745 Central Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone: (207) 764-4125