Shelter Support Staff
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Kevin (a.k.a. Clark Kent) grew up in Presque Isle, Maine. After a short tour with the US Air Force in 1996, he returned home to pursue other jobs and adventures that would keep him local and county oriented. He states, “Every summer I would try and find a new outlet for my restlessness by going anywhere from New Hampshire, to New York, and to as far away as Texas seeking new volunteer-related outings and excursions. Working at the Shelter was something that just seemed to fit, but because of scheduling conflicts and prior commitments it never quite lined up for me. When the opportunity at the Shelter became available in early April of this year, I jumped in headfirst, and haven’t looked back.”

Transitional Housing

PO Box 1753, 1 Midway Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone: (207) 762-6000 

Sister Mary O'Donnell
Emergency Homeless Shelter

745 Central Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone: (207) 764-4125